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Welcome to threeballclimbing.com!
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Limiter 3:
Pawns Globe Grasper

  • 12" Long
  • 2.5" Width
  • Difficulty: Moderate, In bouldering terms doing 5 pullups would be around V3
  • This is the 3rd and final version of the Limiter we've designed for people who want to get better at the Vertical Limit obstacle.
  • This product can be fastened to just about any wood surface, including the doorway using #9 Deck Screws.
  • If you've tried the 2nd version, you'll find the 3rd to be MUCH easier. I've improved the shape a bit, increased the depth of the grip area and added grippy striations to both sides.

  • My goal which I have finally accomplished, was to create a product that is easier than original obstacle called 'Vertical Limit'. I wanted to be able practice higher reps at lower intensity. 3rd time is the charm right?! :)
  • Get a pair for the door way, or get the 6 Pack, set up the entire obstacle and Save 30%!
  • Released 2017/01/12.

1 Pair Hardware Options:
Color Preference:
Special Instructions

6 Pack - 30% 0ff - Hardware Options:
Color Preference:
Special Instructions
Welcome to Three Ball Climbing! I strive to manufacture the highest quality climbing holds, ninja warrior, and grip strength training gear for your gym. I do everything from scratch in small batches right here in the U.S.A.

I've always found it strange that most companies seem to Compete on Price. I've never been interested. My Focus has always been on creating functional products to enhance your (and my) training.

All my products are designed, tested, and created by people who are capable of Flexing It Out :D

Magma Jugs!!

Magma Jugs

Solid Climbing Holds:
At Three Ball Climbing I have a few things i'm looking for when designing climbing grips.

1. Grips must be Comfortable. If grips are uncomfortable or too painful is it gonna be fun? How focused on moving properly are you going to be when you are trying to ignore pain.
2. Grips must be Built to Last.
3. Structure


Most climbing hold producers use one of 4 types of plastic:

1. Semi-Rigid Polyurethane
2. Rigid Polyurethane
3. Semi-Soft Polyurethane
4. Polyester Resin (with and without fillers)

At Three Ball Climbing we regularly test climbing holds made with different materials by breaking them with a torque wrench. We make our holds with pure Rigid Polyurethane for flat walls because it stands up to abuse the best. Our climbing holds are more durable than holds made with less expensive materials. If you push them to the limit, you'll be more likely to break the t-nut.

Route setters in climbing gyms normally tighten holds down to 9-11 ft-lbs of pressure. Your average t-nut will break somewhere between 16 and 29 ft-lbs depending on the type of wood and the type of holds used. Our Rigid bolt-on crimps can withstand over 20 ft-lbs of pressure before breaking.


I'm sure you've seen those big hollow slopers with no support behind the bolt hole. You bolt it down and it warps or breaks. At Three Ball we'll never do that. In addition to the design, we feel it is important for climbing holds to have a good solid structure.

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